Midland Odessa Auto Auction

2521 N Marco Ave.
Odessa, TX  79762


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  • Midland Odessa Auto Auction

    Sale Types: Damage/Inop, Dealer, Internet, Lease, Sale, Specialty
    Event Date: 5/21/2024 10:00am CDT

    The Midland Odessa Auto Auction is currently working with developers to correct the Gasoline and Diesel Engine discrepancy on vehicle description page. Please be mindful of this at the time of purchase since you may be purchasing a diesel truck and not gasoline truck which can be decoded correctly with the VIN number of the vehicle and also the pictures of the vehicle itself. We will not arbitrate for the gasoline/diesel discrepancy. The Midland Odessa Auto Auction does not arbitrate for Carfax announcement since it utilizes Auto Check. It is the buyers responsibility to do their due diligence before purchasing a vehicle. The Midland Odessa Auto Auction is a one lane auction (A-Lane) that offers the following in this order at the approximate start times for each group of vehicles:

    * Inoperable Vehicles (D001-D150) - 10:00AM to 10:20AM
    * New Car Trades (N001-N150) - 10:21AM to 10:55AM
    * Dealer Consignment (A001-A150) - 10:56AM to 11:35AM
    * Off Lease/ Company (C001-C150) - 11:36AM to 12:05PM
    * Repossessions (R001-R150) - 12:06PM to Finish.
    * Stationary such as RV's, Campers and Trailers (S001-S150)

    We look forward to serving each and every customer, new and existing, Hope to see you there!